Stage 48 After Proms

It’s about ending your high school career fashionably. Won’t you like to have one last dance together, with all your classmates? Every high schooler dreams of this day and plans to make it special. Yes, it’s your prom night, and it’s about dancing, having fun, partying. It’s time to create unforgettable memories and cherish them for your entire life. Stage 48 is the best venue for an after-party. This year it is about to get more glamorous and grand. Come and enjoy the 2023 Stage 48 after-party NYC.

Know about stage 48.

Stage 48 after proms is a mega club that provides the best facilities. It has 2 different floors to party across. Stage 48 NYC prom has the capacity of 1000+ people in the main hall.
A VIP section theme is built around the Mezzanine balcony to give the best bird’s eye view. It’s a club that everyone would love to come and shake a leg at.


Groove with the best

Stage 48 Prom Events have a record of being visited by many celebrities and music artists.

Here’s a list of the past celebrities who visited the stage 48 events.

  • Camilo, Spinking, & Don Q- 2017 and 2016
  • ASAP FERG- 2016
  • Jim Jones – 2015
  • 2 Milly ( “Milly Rock”)- 2015
  • TROY AVE – ( “Your Style” w/Lloyd Banks) -2015
  • VADO (“My BAE” w/Jeremih)- 2014
  • JADAKISS- 2014

You’ll never know who comes to the prom party at stage 48. After all, it’s a prom. It has to be special.

Why choose stage 48?

It’s the best destination for after parties and prom nights. Stage 48 Prom Ideas are great fun. We provide the best services and have a classy reputation.

This year we are about to invite some of the best DJs, upcoming music artists, rap stars to party with us.


Book the tickets now

Stage 48 available prom dates for the year 2022
will be declared shortly.

Stage 48 prom tickets.

1. General Admission Ticket – $45
Grants entry to the Stage 48 After Prom Party.

2. VIP Admission Ticket – $60
Grants Line Skipping for direct entry to the Stage 48 Prom.
2 Drink Tickets can be redeemed for complimentary Soda or Juice, according to your choice.
Commemorative LED Foam Stick & Commemorative Sunglasses.

Location of Stage 48

Stage 48 Prom Events are held at 605 West 48th Street, New York. After proms at Stage 48 are celebrated for only selected nights every year. Check out this year’s calendar to see if your given date has been selected. Buy the tickets as early as possible. If you want to know about the prom hype and live up to it, check out Stage 48 previous events and live performance videos too.

We provide safety and security into the prom.

All the safety precautions must be taken rightly from the beginning of your buying ticket to dancing on Stage 48 Prom Night. Feel safe to come and enjoy. Celebrate your Prom Night and After-Prom Party at Stage 48.





Kill the Noise Party



Jim Invites Friends



Jim Invites Friends


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