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Indoor smoking is not allowed but it is best to check with the venue specifically due to the fact that Prom time tries to get venues that have VIP outdoor areas where you would be able to smoke. Our personal advice is to leave them in the Limo or party bus because it would be a hassle if at the door the security asked you not to bring them in and you had to run back to the limo to leave them inside.
Most of our venues allow it but please check with the venue prior to the event because policies on electronic smoking devices have been changing in the last few years.
Due to the world we live in today, the policies could change daily. At this moment the answer is no but we will be imposing all state requirements as they come. All patraints will be required to have their temperatures checked at the entrance.
We are all concerned about fake tickets here at promtime.com [1] we are the only prom site that have gone above and beyond for ticket security and integrity. If you purchased your after prom ticket or after prom cruise ticket it is 100% real. We have gone to many levels to secure a partnership with squadup which is the largest event ticketer in the world. We also made sure our tickets are doubly insured by visa and mastercard. If there is any situation our security team would address this immediately so you enjoy your prom night. Another big concern is if you purchased your ticket from another website recently there has been another site who copied and put fake tickets, if that happens call us immediately at 718-216-6677.
Just as if you bought a professional sports ticket like going to the NY mets or NY yankees refund policies state they are only issued if the event is cancelled. No refund if you simply cannot attend the event due to changes. Promtime is the only site that will give you a refund if you contracted Covid19 with proof with a positive test result. But the good news is you are allowed to give your ticket to your peers. The after prom event tickets are transferable. Feel free to call us at 718-216-6677. Our goal is to give you the best experience and make you happy. Happiness above money.
All tickets are electronic if purchased on promtime.com [1]. If you bought your ticket from promtime.com [1] we have an email confirmation and can track your tickets and resend for you to reprint and we will accept it at the event. Only 1 print per person will be accepted. Any duplicate tickets will be rejected at the event. If you bought your ticket in cash from a box office or classmate, call us and we will do our best to locate your order. If you lost your ticket, we work on a case-by-case basis to do all that we can so that your prom night is the best experience. Call us now if you lost your ticket, (718) 216-6677.
Call us immediately and we will establish your prom night on the website or be able to help you coordinate a private prom just for your school. Let us create that spectacular event for you.
Yes but it is absolutely not recommended. You should expect to pay a premium and you're not guaranteed to get in. Best scenario to call 718-216-6677 for discounted tickets and group rates for your after prom. We can take a deposit and hold your tickets for you.
We do have Hookah lounges available if you are interested, call and we will help you establish your own event at a Hookah lounge but we are sorry to say most of the nightclubs do not allow or sell hookah.
No- All you need to do is present your ticket. You do not need a print out either, all you do is present an e-ticket from your phone.
Yes we serve food depending on the venue you chose. Call 718-261-6677 if you have information about your venue specifically. We strive to make your after prom party the best.
Yes there will be an assortment of finger foods that you can order such as fries, chicken fingers, sliders, buffalo wings etc.
Yes. We have everything from exclusive yacht parties all the way up to 5,000 person MEga night clubs. Whatever you need or the size of your private event we can help you coordinate it. This is an amazing opportunity for a young person to custom create their prom night. Call us at 718-216-6677 and we will be happy to make this your reality.
No one outside is not allowed to attend any of the after prom events. After prom parties are generally high school juniors and seniors across the tri-state area. You can bring your date if you're dating someone older out of your school they will be asked for ID at the door and if they are over 21 years old they will not be allowed to attend.
We have been producing after prom parties for the past 28 years and have gone out of our way to have the top artists and DJ's perform. We offer a wide variety of music. Some venues will cater to multiple genres of music by having different rooms. Other venues will cater to one genre of music. Please check the venue page to find out what artist or DJs are performing at your after prom night or you can also call us at 718-216-6677 if you have any questions about what specific music will be played at your prom night event.
The ticket will be sent to the email you provided when you purchased the ticket. You will have the option to download the e-ticket to your phone and your phone e-ticket can be scanned at the door or you can print out a hard ticket to hand in at the door. If you have any special requests to have tickets delivered call 718-216-6677.
Call 718-216-6677 and they will walk you through the process of the different options of either having the tickets mailed to the house or being a digital prom promoter where you will be given your own personal digital code to post on your social media and give to your classmates. All pay and complimentary tickets will be explained when you call. Optionally you will also be given a free digital marketing class to learn how to maret the tickets online and grow your after prom sales.
he best way to find out who will be the DJ at your after prom would be to go to the event page. We have had notable DJ’s/performers have been Cipha Sounds, Camilo, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Bobby Trends, Enuff, Spin King, Chinx, Kazi, Jadakiss, Troy Ave, and more! If you have a DJ you'd like to request please call us at 718-216-6677. We are always interested in new talent.
YES! The majority of the venues sell out. This is why we suggest you buy tickets early. And if they do not sell out they cost more at the door.
If you do not have a credit card you can call us and we can have tickets delivered to you. Any order of 10 tickets or more delivery charges are free.
The doors open at midnight and they close at 4AM. The best time to arrive is approximately 12:30PM-1PM. No one wants to wait online on their prom night. Also look into our VIP option with no lines. Lights usually go on at 3:45AM and it takes about 15 Minutes to empty the venues. It is advised to tell you limo or party bus driver to be outside on a set location you guys agree on. It is not wise to walk out at 4AM and wait for your ride to pick you up. Your safety is our priority.
Yes we have group discounts, call or text 718-216-6677 for group rates. A group can be as small as 4 people to 10 people but also be aware of our other options to be a promoter. If your group is over 10 people promtime.com [1] offers the best promoter deals. You will get your ticket for free and have the opportunity to give your classmates a discount while earning money.
Yes, please call 718-216-6677 and we will have one of our after prom drivers deliver your tickets to the door.
A major difference between VIP Admission tickets and the average General Admission. VIP admission entitles you to several other perks such as not having to wait online. Access to the VIP areas inside the venue usually with balconies with the best views to be able to see the performers and DJ's. In some cases VIP tickets will get you on the stage.Free water and soda all night which can save you a lot. On your after prom night where you want everything to be as special as can be the VIP ticket is a must. And it is the smallest expense you will incur on this entire night out.
Call 718-216-6677 or 646-431-9666 and even though your ticket cannot be refunded we will do our best to relocate you to another after prom party so your night will not be ruined.
At the after prom there is no dress code. You can wear shorts and a t-shirt but WE WANT TO MENTION this will be the night where you will take your most memorable pictures. So although the venue will let you in we can promise you the majority of the crowd will be wearing their best outfit and hair styled like celebrities. Dress your best to impress! You'd be amazed how many people with VIP tickets will try to take photos with the performing artists and you want that picture to look your best FOREVER.


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