PromTime.com goes to any level to make sure we have the ability to give our AfterProm customers the best experience whether they want to party in NYC with 5,000 other 2022 After Prom seniors or classmates or we give you the best Staten Island local After Prom parties. Eve Ulta Lounge is more than an Ultra Lounge it is Staten Island’s premier nightclub with 3 luxurious areas. Main room so you dance as if you were in NYC After Prom, Upper Lounge so you could be in an NYC VIP atmosphere and outdoors for those moments when you want to enjoy the moonlight and take pictures you can take for a lifetime from your After Prom party. If you are interested in tremendous group deals or becoming a PromTime promoter having the ability to make money and go to your After Prom party for free contact Promtime at 718-216-6677 or Joe at 646-431-9666.


Stay tuned to PromTime as we get close we announce celebrity live performances.


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