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Where do You Celebrate an After Prom Party in NYC?

After Prom Party in NYC

New York City is known for its nightlife for adults, but many people don’t realize it’s also a fantastic place to host an after-prom party. During prom season, New York City shifts gear a bit and tailors to the under 18 crowds. So, whereas you may think an NYC after-prom party would be boring, think again! The question is, where do you celebrate an After Prom Party in NYC?

During prom season, in particular, NYC focuses on activities for those under 18 looking for something to do after prom. With that being said, there’s so much that you can do during an after-prom party in the big apple! You want to look for places that are catering to the prom scene. Consider the following options for where you can celebrate an after-prom party in New York City.

•  At a hotel – get a hotel room for you and your friends! You can order in and play games, watch movies, and just relax (or you can party but, in a place where you’re comfy!)

•  At an under 21 club – keep the party going in your evening gowns or change into something cozy! Enjoy an amazing night out at an under 21 club!

•  Hit a comedy club or open mic night – proms are typically held on Friday or Saturday nights; you’re bound to find comedy clubs and open mics that are open to those under 21-year old’s. You want to find one that is suitable for you and your friends, but these are great options for an NYC after-prom

•  Find an after-prom party – There are actually locations in NYC that host after-prom parties you will not want to miss out on! They’re ideal for students who want to have blast but don’t want to plan the party themselves. Leave it to the pros!

No matter what you do, you’re sure to find somewhere to celebrate an After prom party New York City! There are dozens of places to go and events to attend that’ll make your already spectacular night that much more special!

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