Mark DeMayo

2015 was a breakout year for actor/comedian Mark DeMayo. He appeared on Comedy Central’s The Nighty Show with Larry Wilmore. His solo show 20 & Out, about his career as a NYC Police Officer won rave reviews at the International Fringe Festival and he was
hired by Emmy Award winning writer (Monk) Andy Breckman as a Police Consultant for his new murder mystery show for ABC.
Mark is a native New Yorker and has the accent to prove it. As Mark tells it, “I wanted to do Shakespeare, but I have this heavy New York accent, so I went to a speech therapist, a good one, she was a big shot, she worked with Meryl Streep, after two lessons she gave me my money back, she said couldn’t help me because I wasn’t practicing enough. I said I am practicing at home,
but I can’t practice at work because I’m a NYC COP. I can’t yell, Thou art under arrest, at the bad guys, they’d laugh at me and walk away.
When not performing his stand-up comedy act or touring with his solo show 20 & Out, Mark writes an article entitled “Back in the Day” and produces a web- series “Off the Cuff” for the online publication
Mark has also been featured on Gotham Comedy Live for AX’s.TV, Showtime’s WhiteBoyz in Da Hood, and on MTV and VH1.He’s the formally homeless, drug dealing son of a roadie mother & police officer stepfather that has the ability to find humor in both the dark & light sides of his life. He has been married, divorced, wealthy, poor, physically fit, morbidly obese, well off, homeless, sober, drunk, arrested and released so he’s lived almost every aspect of life that doesn’t require incarceration. After realizing he didn’t look good in cardigans and couldn’t play a tiny string instrument, he decided to do comedy the old fashioned way: Be honest and let the audience into his life so they can laugh at his pain right along with him.
He can be heard on Sirius XM Fight Club on Channel Rush93 and The Bob Levy Show every week.


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