Jonas Barnes

Jonas Barnes was the product of a drug fueled romp in early 1982 only to grow up homeless in the doorway of Jake’s Famous Seafood Restaurant in Portland, OR. Luckily, life got better after that.
He’s the formally homeless, drug dealing son of a roadie mother & police officer stepfather that has the ability to find humor in both the dark & light sides of his life. He has been married, divorced, wealthy, poor, physically fit, morbidly obese, well off, homeless, sober, drunk, arrested and released so he’s lived almost every aspect of life that doesn’t require incarceration. After realizing he didn’t look good in cardigans and couldn’t play a tiny string instrument, he decided to do comedy the old fashioned way: Be honest and let the audience into his life so they can laugh at his pain right along with him.
He can be heard on Sirius XM Fight Club on Channel Rush93 and The Bob Levy Show every week.


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