Troy has been working as a NYC-based comedian for the last 6 years. Troy’s work has been seen on Laughs on Fox TV and he was featured in Time Out New York’s Joke of the Week. Troy has performed in the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, Jersey Shore ComedyFest, and he hosted the entire 2013 Laughing Devil Cup. Troy is also a contributing writer for The Scrib.

With a style best described as, “observation with an edge” comedian Robby Slowik is quickly establishing himself as someone to watch. Establishing himself as anything else would be a complete waste of time.
After starting comedy in Tampa, FL Robby spent 4 years in Los Angeles where he was named one of The Laugh Factory’s “Fresh Faces” and was a regular performer on “Comedy Juice” a show that Sirius/XM radio called “The best stand-up show in the country.” He was a finalist in the 2014 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and he was also handpicked to participate in the prestigious Great American Comedy Festival.
He has performed across the country and internationally and opened for such names as Greg Fitzsimmons, Brian Posehn, and Jay Chandrasekhar. He can be seen on’s QuickLaffs and he has been a guest on numerous Podcast’s including Ralphie May’s Perfect 10 Podcast. He has also written for the Wayans Brother’s and done punch up work for a major Los Angeles based advertising firm.
Robby currently resides in New York City where he can be seen nightly getting up in the clubs, alt rooms, and bars. He can also be seen eating 99¢ pizza more often than is probably ok.

Sandy Marks broke into the standup scene in the early ’90s, after two years spent mining Neil Simon monologues for humor left him desperate to pen his own jokes. (No offense, Neil.)
He’s got a knack for spinning facts and stats into fast-paced, stream-of-consciousness-style humor that doesn’t just inspire ebullient mirth but also hits home some rather startling truths about humanity. (Don’t believe me? Come watch him. No but really. Get off the couch.)
When asked, Marks describes himself as vapid, soulless, empty, and paranoid. But this serially self-deprecating Rolling Stone-approved “comedian” who, according to Time Out New York, may be “appearing at several clubs this week,” is a true charmer with enough energy to make any audience member sufficiently nauseous — or maybe that’s just his outfit (we’re not quite sure).
Marks has made dashing appearance on CBS’s “The King of Queens,” HBO’s “Comedy in the Park” and as a guest sports caster advocating animal rights on Fox and Friends (political opinions, his own).
In addition to touring nationally and overseas — memorable locations included but not limited to Vegas, Atlantic City, Paris, Venezuela, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Amsterdam (hell yes) — Mr. Marks has graced the films “Kiss Me Again” and “Manhattan Comedy Nights” with his remarkably tall stature and unforgettably enormous hands.
I mean, really, what’s not to love?

Determined and Persistent are two words that describe Nick Alexander, Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, Writer who is destined to be a star like Hollywood Walk Of Fame type star. A Native New Yorker, Nick got his start discovering his comedic talents attending a
student ran open mic at Queens borough Community College, the crowd laughed &
didn’t throw any food at him so that was enough to keep him going. Empowered &
Influenced by his favorite comedians such as Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, & Wayans Bros. Nick Models his humor after them displaying his wide range of talents which includes commanding stage presence, voices, accents & act outs. Nick also uses his charm & endearing sensibility to draw crowds in but can display vulnerability when he chooses. He also takes pride in discussing the expirience growing up in the States a Haitian American. In a few short years Nick’s popularity is quickly rising as he relentlessly works his way through the NY comedy circuit playing in top clubs such as Carolines on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, & The Stand.

2015 was a breakout year for actor/comedian Mark DeMayo. He appeared on Comedy Central’s The Nighty Show with Larry Wilmore. His solo show 20 & Out, about his career as a NYC Police Officer won rave reviews at the International Fringe Festival and he was
hired by Emmy Award winning writer (Monk) Andy Breckman as a Police Consultant for his new murder mystery show for ABC.
Mark is a native New Yorker and has the accent to prove it. As Mark tells it, “I wanted to do Shakespeare, but I have this heavy New York accent, so I went to a speech therapist, a good one, she was a big shot, she worked with Meryl Streep, after two lessons she gave me my money back, she said couldn’t help me because I wasn’t practicing enough. I said I am practicing at home,
but I can’t practice at work because I’m a NYC COP. I can’t yell, Thou art under arrest, at the bad guys, they’d laugh at me and walk away.
When not performing his stand-up comedy act or touring with his solo show 20 & Out, Mark writes an article entitled “Back in the Day” and produces a web- series “Off the Cuff” for the online publication
Mark has also been featured on Gotham Comedy Live for AX’s.TV, Showtime’s WhiteBoyz in Da Hood, and on MTV and VH1.He’s the formally homeless, drug dealing son of a roadie mother & police officer stepfather that has the ability to find humor in both the dark & light sides of his life. He has been married, divorced, wealthy, poor, physically fit, morbidly obese, well off, homeless, sober, drunk, arrested and released so he’s lived almost every aspect of life that doesn’t require incarceration. After realizing he didn’t look good in cardigans and couldn’t play a tiny string instrument, he decided to do comedy the old fashioned way: Be honest and let the audience into his life so they can laugh at his pain right along with him.
He can be heard on Sirius XM Fight Club on Channel Rush93 and The Bob Levy Show every week.

Matt Ruby is a standup comedian and the creator of Vooza, a video comic strip about the tech world (aka “The Spinal Tap of startups”). He’s been featured on MTV’s Girl Code,, The Huffington Post, NY Magazine, Time Out NY (“Joke of the Year” nominee), ComedySmack (Winner of Best Web Short of the Year), Splitsider, Gawker, and lots of other places and has appeared across the country at comedy venues and festivals including SXSW, Bridgetown, NY Comedy Contest, SF Comedy Contest, Boston Comedy Festival, and the New Orleans Comedy and Arts Festival

Keith Alberstadt is a long-time comedy veteran who has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and multiple times on Last Comic Standing. He has also contributed as a freelance writer for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Jonas Barnes was the product of a drug fueled romp in early 1982 only to grow up homeless in the doorway of Jake’s Famous Seafood Restaurant in Portland, OR. Luckily, life got better after that.
He’s the formally homeless, drug dealing son of a roadie mother & police officer stepfather that has the ability to find humor in both the dark & light sides of his life. He has been married, divorced, wealthy, poor, physically fit, morbidly obese, well off, homeless, sober, drunk, arrested and released so he’s lived almost every aspect of life that doesn’t require incarceration. After realizing he didn’t look good in cardigans and couldn’t play a tiny string instrument, he decided to do comedy the old fashioned way: Be honest and let the audience into his life so they can laugh at his pain right along with him.
He can be heard on Sirius XM Fight Club on Channel Rush93 and The Bob Levy Show every week.

Whether it’s sharing stories about his days playing professional street basketball with modern Globetrotters or being the sensitive soft dude in relationships, Joseph Vecsey loves making audiences laugh at his expense and sharing his bizarre personal experiences.
Joseph made his television stand up debut on Gotham’s AXS TV and also co-starred and punched up a web series and commercial for Optimum Cable TV called “The Un-Movers.” In addition to the spots being on TV, “The Un-Movers” have over a million views online. This is not the first time Joseph has been a part of a viral video. Joseph acted and co-produced the sketch “Sneaker Heads” starring star radio personality Charlamagne The God and Guy Code’s Andrew Schulz where it reached a million views on Youtube and World Star. Earlier this year, Joseph also wrote, acted, edited, and directed a sketch for MTV2’s popular show “Uncommon Sense” called “Stud Walk.” Joseph currently has been performing all over New York City, California, and went international hosting the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Show in Bermuda at a sold out resort. He also hosts the most popular variety stand up show in the Hamptons at The Bay Street Theater where comedians such as Donnell Rawlings from Chappelle Show (who Joseph has opened for on numerous occasions) has graced the stage.
Joseph also keeps busy writing and acting in sketches that he produces on his Youtube channel while working on feature length screenplays. Joseph also was a contributing writer for the hilarious “BGCP3TV” sketch show promoting the Jordan Brand starring Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.
Even with stand up, writing, and acting, Joseph still finds time to host The Call Back Podcast that has featured interviews with the world’s most successful comedians and entertainers such as Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari, Garry Shandling, Paula Patton, Tom Green, and Romany Malco just to name several. Joseph has also written articles for the NBA’s most popular publication Slam Magazine that featured brilliant comedian Colin Quinn and Power 105’s Charlamagne The God.

Joe DeVito’s TV appearances include The Late Late Show, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing and AXStv. He’s also a regular panelist on FOX News Channel’s Red Eye.


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