Lost In Paradise After Prom Party

Prom is a major life event for high school seniors, and it is a night that they will always remember. However, for many high school students prom night will go into the wee hours of the morning! Lost In Paradise is an amazing luxurious rooftop venue located in Long Island City. Imagine partying on a rooftop for your after prom party with all your friends? Well here at Promtime.com we are excited to make that happen!

With stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Lost In Paradise is the perfect after prom party destination! With it’s beautiful and elegant decor, your after prom party pictures will come out perfect! With state of the art sound systems and many VIP spacing options to choose from. You will have the best experience! You will really feel like that true prom king or queen in this venue! With the best music everyone will be partying with all the right energy and vibes!

Why Choose Lost In Paradise After Prom Party?

There are many reasons to choose Lost In Paradise for your after prom party destination. However safety is paramount for your after prom party. Lost in Paradise provides a safe space for high school students to enjoy their after prom party. Always party responsibly and let your friends and family know your plans for the night. Not to mention the beautiful rooftop views, decor, and music. This is the ultimate party that will leave you with memories that you will always look back on! So bring all your friends to the Lost In Paradise After Prom Party!

Promtime.com is proud to provide the best after prom events and experiences. For custom after prom party plans please feel free to reach out and we will customize the best after prom party for you.


Blue Midtown

Prom Night is a very special night that needs careful planning and decision making. This night must have to go nearly perfectly considering you are only guaranteed to have one after prom party in a life time. This night is special for every High School senior. Here at Promtime.com we strive to provide the best after prom party experiences you could ever ask for. In an amazing location in New York City you simply cannot go wrong. When it comes to the biggest cities in America. The big NYC is always in the conversation.

Blue Midtown is amongst the best after prom party destinations you could go to in NYC. Come on down with all of your best friends and have the best time all dressed up in NYC for your after prom party. Blue Midtown provides a clean and safe space for all after prom party goers to have the best time. With the best music that everyone will get dancing and jumping to you will have an amazing time. If you ever wanted to feel like a VIP. Blue Midtown does an excellent job with its luxurious space.

With various entertainment options and spaces. You will have the best time. There will be many of High School seniors partying together for one thing! That is to celebrate their big prom day in NYC! If you are dateless maybe you will find someone else to dance with as everyone comes from all over different schools!

To wrap your special prom day up you cannot go wrong traveling into the city to Midtown Blue! This venue is just built for the perfect after prom party and best vibes! Enjoy the night with all your best friends and you will be looking at all those prom and after prom pictures for years to come!

Promtime is almost here and you’re probably starting to plan yours after prom party. After prom parties are a great way to celebrate your prom night with your friends and have a great time. But with so many after prom parties out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to choose the perfect after prom party in NYC.

Introduction to After Prom Parties in NYC

Prom is a special night for high school students. After the prom night is over, many students choose to keep the celebrations going by attending an after prom party. After prom parties are a great way to celebrate with friends and make the most out of the night. After prom parties in NYC can range from simple dance parties to extravagant events with live performances, celebrity guests, and more.

What to Expect at After Prom Parties

After prom parties in NYC can vary depending on the type of party you choose. Some after prom parties are more low-key and may involve a DJ and some snacks. Other after prom parties may involve live performances and multiple rooms for dancing. No matter what type of after prom party you choose, you can expect to have a great time with your friends.

The majority of after prom parties in NYC are held in clubs, bars, and other venues. Some after prom parties may have a dress code, so it’s important to check with the venue before you attend. Additionally, many after prom parties have age restrictions, so make sure you check this before you attend.

After Prom Parties in NYC - Promtime

Tips for Choosing the Right After Prom Party

When choosing an after prom party in NYC, it’s important to consider your budget, the type of event you’re looking for, and the age restrictions. If you’re looking for an affordable after prom party, there are plenty of options available. Some after prom parties may even offer discounts for groups of friends.

If you’re looking for a more extravagant after prom party, you may want to consider venues like clubs, bars, and other larger venues. These after prom parties may be more expensive, but they often offer a range of activities and entertainment, such as live performances and celebrity guests.

The Hottest After Prom Parties in NYC

Promtime.com is the hottest after prom party in NYC. This party is held in an exclusive nightclub in Manhattan and features a range of activities and entertainment. The event is hosted by a celebrity DJ and there are live performances from top artists. Promtime.com also offers a range of discounts for groups of friends, making it a great option for those on a budget. First and foremost, Promtime.com provides safe and secure after prom parties for students. The company works closely with local authorities to ensure that all parties are following all regulations and laws. The safety of the students is the top priority and Promtime.com makes sure that the parties are well-staffed with experienced and responsible chaperones. Another reason why Promtime.com is the best choice for after prom parties in NYC is their commitment to creating a memorable and personalized experience. The company works closely with students and school administrators to ensure that the party fits the unique needs and preferences of each school. Whether you want a classic dance party or a more unique and themed event, Promtime.com has the experience and expertise to make it happen.

AfterPromNYC and Prom.me are two other great after prom parties in NYC. These parties feature top DJs, live performances, and plenty of activities and entertainment. Both companies are held in high-end venues and offer discounts for groups of friends. They also prioritize safety of the students and are the next best after prom party options in NYC.

Not-So-Hot After Prom Parties in NYC

AfterPromCentral.com and PromNightLife.com are two after prom parties in NYC that are not quite as hot as the other options. These parties are held in smaller venues and may not have as many activities or entertainment as the other parties. Additionally, there are usually fewer discounts available for these events, making them less affordable for those on a budget.
After Prom Party Etiquette

Pam's Spots After prom party _ Promtime

Once the after prom party is underway, it’s important to remember to follow the proper etiquette. Make sure to be respectful of the venue and your fellow guests. It is important to refrain from any inappropriate behavior. The last thing you want on this special night is to have it cut short by breaking the rules of the venue.

After Prom Party Safety Tips

It’s important to ensure that you and your friends remain safe during the after prom party. Make sure that no one at the venue is drinking and if you do see any alcohol or drug consumption, please report it to the staff at the venue.

Conclusion –

After prom parties are a great way to celebrate your prom night with your friends. With so many after prom parties in NYC, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. This guide has provided you with all the information you need to choose the perfect after prom party in NYC.

One of the most memorable nights in everyone’s lifetime happens to be their High School Prom! Sure Prom is very exciting but the best part of the night is the party after prom! Promtime.com makes it possible for you to find your perfect after prom parties! We only have the hottest After Prom Party venues in New York City! Grab your ticket with your prom date and you will simply have the time of your life! There’s nothing more exciting and memorable than heading into New York City for your after-prom party.

Celebrate the Occasion

Everyone will be dressed up and on the same mission to celebrate the occasion! You already know that NYC has the best live DJs to keep the party going into the early morning! It will take some of the best pictures with your friends all dressed up for after prom. You definitely will get some Instagram-worthy pictures! You and everyone all dressed up in big NYC would be epic. If you went without a date no need to stress as there will be plenty of singles out there ready to mingle! However, the main thing is that you have a great time.

The memories you make with Promtime.com are nothing short of unforgettable. This is a no-brainer and is one of the best things you can do after prom. Dance all night with your friends and dates in such a great spacious venue! So let the good times roll underneath the bright city lights.

Prom Party 2022

You will wake up in the morning wishing you could party after prom one more time! You and all of your friends will be sharing the stories from prom 2022 for life! If you need help with any custom after-prom party needs please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. With that being said good luck to the class of 2022!

Prom is the most important night of your senior year of high school. Being surrounded by friends and your partner, dancing to your favorite tunes, it’s a great way to celebrate completing the year. What’s even better than prom though is the after-prom party. Sometimes these parties are held by the school and other times they’re just after prom parties’ that you and your friend plan. After prom parties are really where the magic begins, but why? What makes an after-prom party so special?

Prom itself is an amazing evening, but an after-prom party is really where you get to bond with your friends and partners and celebrate the end of an era! After prom parties are often less supervised than proms unless you’re attending one held at your own school. They are parties where you gather your friends to meet up at your favorite spots such as at an after-prom New York City party. During these events, you and your friends get to hangout, eat some delicious food, and wander the streets of New York City looking like superstars!

NYC after-prom parties are your chance to really reminisce on your high school experience and on senior year in particular. They’re an opportunity to bond with your friends, talk about some of your favorite memories, and take some silly photos all throughout New York City. It’s those few extra hours after prom ends to look like you just stepped off a red carpet, relax with your friends, and talk about what the future holds for everybody.

The party after prom is one you want to attend. Honestly, even if you don’t go to prom itself, go to an after-prom party in NYC with your friends. It’s your chance to bond, dance, relax, and reminisce!

Wondering what you should do after your senior prom in 2022? Look no further as the Promtime.com team has you covered with the best After prom NYC 2022 plans anyone could ask for! New York City is beautiful as it has so much to offer from amazing shows and experiences to the best restaurants you could eat at! You name it!

Best After Prom Parties you can Possibly Attend

NYC has everything you could ever imagine! Here at Promtime.com, we went the distance to provide you with the best after-prom parties you can possibly attend! Spend one of the most memorable nights of your life looking the best is arguably one of the Best Cities in America!

There is no better place than New York City to celebrate your after-prom! Imagine stepping out into the streets of NYC with you and all your friends looking your best? You won’t even have to wait to get to the after-prom party to take a picture! You could easily take a picture with your boys or girls under the bright lights in NYC!

After Prom Party in New York City

No filter will be needed as that picture will for sure be Instagram worthy! Choose from one of our various venues to spend yours after prom party in New York City with your date and or all of your friends! You will have such a blast dancing to all of the best music with many others on the same mission looking to celebrate theirs after Prom in 2022!

Spending a night that only happens once in a lifetime in NYC is your best bet! You will not be disappointed with all of the fun that you will have and the memories you will make partying all throughout the night! You will wake up in the morning wishing you could spend After Prom Parties in NYC again!

Prom is one of the most exciting events for high school seniors. It’s a chance to put on that stunning dress or suit and dance the night away with your closest friends! Add after-prom parties to the mix and you’re in for one of the most exciting nights of your teenage years. NYC in particular is _the _spot for after-prom parties. Whether the party is run by the school itself or you just want to keep the party going yourself, NYC is the place to go!

What Makes Prom So Fun?

Prom is one of those nights that you’ll never forget as a teenager. Whether you’re a senior, or you’re going to prom with a senior, it’s a chance for you to shine. For most people, prom only happens once, so you have to live it up!

Purchase that beautiful gown or tuxedo, give your date a corsage, and take those silly, goofy prom pictures. Prom is something you have to experience to understand and if you don’t go, you might miss out on some incredible After Prom Parties NYC!

Why is NYC After Prom Parties the Best Ones?

If you live within the tri-state area, you know that New York City is one of the top cities in the area. The bright lights, never-ending crowd of people, and an endless supply of restaurants in the area make it a top spot for after prom parties. When prom is over, that doesn’t mean the night has to end. You just spent hours getting ready, why waste your stunning look? Hit NYC for an evening of dancing, munching on delicious food, and taking pictures all over Manhattan and Times Square!

NYC prom parties elevate any prom night memory, and you don’t want to miss it!

For most individuals, prom night is a fantastic night. However, for a variety of reasons, some people will be unable to attend the prom. These reasons range from a lack of financial resources to a disdain of the school’s planned event for time square after-prom nyc

Why not forego the prom in favor of the after-prom party if you have to pick between the two? Here are a few reasons why you should skip the prom and head directly to the after-party.

As you plan your prom budget, you’ll see that you need to think about everything. You’ve set aside money for your dress as well as your ticket to the after-party. Your ride is something you should never overlook. It is now up to you to select how you will get to and from prom. Will you have to decide to head out for after-prom party cruises nyc in a limo or a party bus?

Limousines are available in a variety of sizes. These differ in size from the standard four-passenger limo to ones that can easily accommodate up to 20 people. If you have a small group of four or more people, you may choose to charter a traditional limousine. 

Because you will be traveling in elegance, you will be able to travel comfortably with your friends and create a splash at the prom. Hummers, Escalades, Range Rovers, and other bigger limousines are available for after-prom events nyc. 

These have a high capacity, enabling ultra-luxurious travel. You and your pals will not be disappointed if you ride in one of them to prom since you will be in prom mode by the time you board the limo.

Find After Prom Party Cruises nyc bus in the vicinity:

If you have more than 10 friends and you all want to start the party before the prom, why not hire a prom-party bus near the area. There is lots of room for the entire group apart from that you can bring your tunes and play them on your way to the friends’ houses and the nyc after prom cruise.

Promtime provides the perfect service for you and your colleagues during your prom night. Promtime.com consists of a highly trained professional team as well as fully licensed and experienced to handle any type of request and assist the group with every aspect of their transportation.


When choosing a form of transportation, the price is crucial. The amount that each individual must cover decreases as the number of persons traveling together increases. 

As a result, the four-passenger limo will be more expensive than the twenty-passenger vehicle. However, the party bus with forty seats will end up costing less than the limo with twenty seats. Basically, attract more folks to join you on your bike!

It is not inexpensive to go to and from prom. You must carpool with a few pals in order to receive decent pricing. You must pick whether you want to hire a party bus or a limousine once the final tally has been achieved.

Both the party bus and the limousine include comfortable leather upholstery as well as a minibar for beverages. In some of the cars, there are additional tables and a sunroof. If feasible, go to the vehicle’s location with a couple of your pals and decide which one you want for your big night at after-prom nightclubs nyc.

For most individuals, prom night is a fantastic night. However, for a variety of reasons, some people will be unable to attend the prom. These reasons range from a lack of financial resources to a disdain of the school’s planned event. Why not forego the prom in favor of the after-prom party if you have to pick between the two?

Make a list of your favorite places and send it to your friends. The more people you tell about your favorite hangout spots, the more likely it is that you’ll see a lot of your pals at the after-party. 

Imagine locating a venue and purchasing tickets just to arrive at the new york city prom clubs and find yourself alone in a sea of strangers. That’s not how you want your prom night to finish. 

Although you may not want to spend the evening with your entire class, a small group of pals will make the evening more fun. You’ll be able to converse and dance with folks you’re comfortable with.

Any high school student would gladly tell you that prom night is the finest day of high school. From elementary school to middle school and high school, students look forward to making their final days with friends and companions unforgettable. Nothing says summers like prom night, a priceless rite of passage through high school through private prom parties NYC!

Until the dreaded Covid-19 happened, we all had these expectations. Covid, like other high school activities, limited what we could do and how we did it. 

Covid has caused a lot of missed milestones for most normal high school graduates, including their senior prom. With the majority of schools closed, high school students’ greatest fears may have come true.

In 2021, several communities were loosening covid restrictions as a result of the rapid roll-out of Covid vaccinations and a decrease in Covid cases. What does this mean for seniors in high school? 

So, you’ll still be able to enjoy your prom, but with a twist. In New York, most schools are now compelled to rigorously adhere to state-mandated requirements for senior proms. These rules have changed the way we think about After prom NYC 2022.

Screening for the prom :

You may be asked to complete a health screening form before you can enjoy your after-prom parties NYC.

after-promparties nyc

The screening includes questions on your most recent covid-19 test result, current fever levels, and whether or not you have had close contact with proven or suspected covid-19 patients.

You might need to master this health assessment questionnaire before attending prom, unlike in the past.

Remember to follow the latest Prom Dress Code.

To preserve safety, every prom senior has been given a new dress code. That means you can wear any amazing outfit you want, including a face mask.

Six feet apart at a dancing prom?

What good is a prom without a good time on the dance floor? We all know who the top dancers and choreographers are for pair dances. Can hard rock after proms nyc be the same without your date dancing? 

You can still spend some time on the dance floor if you follow covid requirements; however, dancing with social distancing guidelines is highly dependent on your school’s policies and the county you live in.

Taking the Prom to the Streets :

Many high schools have hosted their proms outside in order to ensure that their students do not miss out on this historic occasion. Seniors may now enjoy this must-attend end-of-year celebration while adhering to strict social distancing standards.

Prom in the virtual world :

It wouldn’t be a pleasant Prom if you didn’t make those memorable memories with your family and friends. To enjoy this amazing moment, Covid has pushed us to interact with our pals online. 

For their prom, some high schools in the tri-state area are turning to the virtual community to engage all students — favorable or negative to Covid. Other high schools divide Prom festivities into online and in-person programs. 

For example, we’ve heard of a situation in which the Prom Queens were crowned online in order to limit the number of activities after-prom harbor parties.

Conclusion :

Covid’s prom effect has had a harmful impact on high school students. It’s best described by most graduates as “un prom.” It just doesn’t feel like prom to them. 

However, in 2022 prom season approaches, more individuals are getting vaccinated, and diseases are reducing; we are optimistic that the future prom season will be back to normal. 

Prepare yourself, remain safe, and we hope to be able to enjoy prom the way it was supposed to be!

Did you know that many teens have recently confessed that they are looking forward to the school’s AfterProm party rather than the prom itself? With this little information, you can make your school afterparty as dreamy and very exciting as wearing clothes and a black-tie by visiting the top venues with NYC after-prom party tickets

Need an idea to start the party planning process? I’m not sweating. There are lots of ideas, from party themes and decorations to food and prices. 

Midtown Loft & Terrace :

With a unique view of the city, Midtown Loft & Terrace’s 4,400-square-meter terrace is unbeatable. The modern and stylish venue is perfect for networking events, company parties/conferences, and even weddings. It’s one of the few rooftop bars that’s affordable, and you won’t be disappointed when you book. There is also a retractable closed roof, so you can book all year round, especially for private prom parties NYC

230 5th rooftop :

This 33,000-square-foot roof garden in Manhattan claims to be the “largest outdoor roof garden and fully enclosed penthouse lounge” in the town. The full-service location provides everything you need to make your event a success, from in-house catering, furniture, dance floors, DJ equipment to spectacular lighting. If you’re hosting a corporate party or having a hard rock after proms NYC but want to rent a roof deck for a party in New York, this is the place to go. 

Bryant Park Grill :

The rooftop terrace of the Bryant Park Grill has a real rooftop wedding venue. Located just behind the New York Public Library, this beautiful room goes far beyond your dreams. Very helpful staff and in-house service will calm you before and during your big day, leaving unforgettable photos (and memories!). 

Sky Room :


It’s harder to find an eclectic venue than the Sky Room. If you’re looking for a trendy room with impressive views under the comfort of a retractable roof, you’ve come to the right place on the north and/or south terraces. If you want to relax by the fireplace in a more intimate space, head to the Candlelight Lounge, which can accommodate up to 50 people. 

Hudson Terrace :

Located on the Hudson Terrace with a total capacity of 775, the three rooms are ideal for any event, including ceremonies, receptions, cocktail hours, and venue for the best After prom NYC 2022. The star here is the rooftop of the venue overlooking Hudson and the skyline. The inexpensive rooftop bar has a simple charm that makes it a comfortable and memorable experience for any event. 

Copacabana :

If you are looking for a combination of outdoor and indoor spaces, Copacabana has it. The rooftop on the 4th floor can accommodate up to 500 people, and the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors can accommodate up to 1200 people. 

3 West Club :

3 West Club’s 900-square-foot glass solarium is one of the cheapest rooftop bars in town at a reasonable price of $ 1,100 for up to $ 1,100 for up to $ 1 and $ 1,900 for up to 10 hours. It’s a great budget option, but don’t hesitate to be one of the best venues on the rooftop. The retractable awning ensures that the elegant white room can be used in the rain or sunshine. 

Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue :

Manhattan’s penthouse is 17 stories high and measures 8,000 square feet, but 45 years of catering experience and unique attitude make it the top of the list of venues for the best private rooftop parties. Please come to the party. Stick to stained glass windows and unique architectural details. 

Mondrian Park Avenue-15 stories :

The spacious rooftop terrace of Mondrian Park Avenue, 15 Stories, offers plenty of natural light. Ideal for corporate meetings and networking events, the venue is equipped with the latest technologies such as smart TVs and free WiFi to keep everyone connected. Also, don’t forget to serve Cleo with delicious modern cuisine from the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean. 

As you can see, the time square after-prom NYC has a lot of exciting ideas. Combine these ideas to create a sensational party that your students will remember for a long time.


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    Get Ready for the Best After Prom Party 2023 Experience in NYC

    How do you ensure that your after-prom party is going to be the best and memorable event/experience of your life? Find out all of the details about the best after-prom parties and after-prom Cruises in New York City and determine which after-prom party option will be perfect for you and your friends in NYC. The best after-prom party experience in NYC has just been taken to the next level with ease of planning and booking the discount VIP tickets for New York City’s hottest after prom parties & after-prom cruises online at Promtime.com. Read More

    Read on to learn about the best after-prom party experience in NYC, as well as how you can find and book tickets, VIP passes to the best of NYC's after-prom parties, and after prom cruises!

    • A prom party is an excellent way to send off your senior students. So you just had an amazing prom night with your friends in NYC, but now it’s over. What are you going to do now? Are you going to go home or are you thinking about having some more fun at the hottest after-prom parties of New York City or even better, an after-prom cruise party on a real cruise with all your friends? If so, then maybe an after-prom party is exactly what you need! However, sometimes people can feel nervous about choosing their first after-prom party because they have never been on one before. Enjoying your prom party is all about having a great time, right? Well, with After Prom Party, you can enjoy it twice!
    • Everyone is worried about finding a place in NYC to host your after-prom party that will not cost an arm and a leg. And while it’s true that you can find some great places in NYC for your after-prom party events, they are typically hot spots known to host the best after prom parties in New York City. You can book tickets and VIP passes for these after prom party events online on Promtime.com to get discounted tickets and save money! We have done all of your work for you! The best after prom party experience in New York City is at Promtime.com.
    • After prom party cruises in NYC give students a fun and safe alternative to hanging out at after-prom parties or private prom parties. Having an After Prom Cruise party is one of the best ways to celebrate your prom night, whether you’re looking for something low-key with friends or if you’re part of a large group that wants to go all out. The best New York City After Prom Cruise Parties takes place on one of the many boats cruising around Manhattan so you can see one of the most amazing views of New York City as it sparkles at night, all while partying with your friends to music and making your after-prom party experience grander and memorable! With so many different options available on Promtime.com, there’s sure to be an after-prom party cruise package that fits every budget.
      After prom cruise parties are an after-prom tradition where teens celebrate their last night of freedom on a New York Harbor party cruise. Popular with high school and college students in NYC, after-prom party cruises feature live DJ music, dancing, prom-style activities, and décor - it's a massive high school after-prom party on a boat! You can also expect to see cute boys or girls from your school. After all, who wouldn't want to go out with a group of friends and have a guaranteed fun time?
    • If you’re planning to go on an after-prom cruise party in NYC but aren’t sure which option is best, then look no further. New York's best after-prom party and after prom cruises tickets booking site Promtime.com is your one-stop solution to After Prom Cruise Party and after prom cruises party ticket booking to the best after prom parties that are both fun and safe! After prom cruise parties include music, dancing, food, drinks, and nonstop fun.
      The New York City prom cruise party experience allows you to start with a full night of fun on land with amazing food and drink, then take off on an exciting ferry boat ride to one of New York's world-famous destinations. With multiple locations to choose from, After prom cruise parties give you some great ways to customize your after-prom party experience. Whether you want to set sail under the Statue of Liberty or let loose at Coney Island amusement park, there are many ways that the after-prom cruise party can turn an already memorable evening into an unforgettable one. Check out our list of all four New York City after-prom party destinations and after-prom cruise party options in NYC.
    • Whether you are planning to stay at your prom party or head back home, you will probably need a place to unwind afterward. An after-prom party cruise in NYC will help to calm those nerves and fill any feelings of dread about school starting up again. The best thing about going on an after-prom party cruise is that you won’t have to worry about a designated driver – there will be plenty of them on board with you! With many ways to entertain yourself during New York City's best after-prom party cruises, you’ll never find yourself feeling bored – not even for a moment. Whether you want to keep busy by participating in dance competitions or trivia games or whether relaxation is more your style, there will be activities designed specifically with your interests in mind.
    • If you're a New York City student and you've been to any after-prom party in NYC, then you know what kind of craziness goes down when everyone's got a bit of freedom from their parents. From crazy dancing to inflatable fun times, these after-prom night cruises are your perfect opportunity to enjoy a little freedom with your friends while still being around adults who will make sure everything is safe and fun. On the after-prom party cruises, there's always plenty of food onboard (it wouldn't be much of an after-prom party event without it) some after-prom cruises offer even more treats like cake or candy buffet packages. There are also DJs or other musical performers onboard each night for great entertainment, plus opportunities to dance up a storm if that's what you're craving.
    • It’s hard to imagine a more memorable night than your high school prom. As one of your final nights as a high school student, you want it to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. That’s why NYC's After Prom Party Cruises has such a large selection of tickets/passes and options for after-prom party cruise events in New York City. From luxury dinner cruises to rooftop parties, we can make your dream night happen—just book tour after-prom parties tickets on Promtime.com! No matter what you choose, we guarantee an unforgettable prom party experience. Now get ready, because After Prom Cruise parties are here to help make sure that everyone goes home with amazing memories and good times—and if there was ever an after-prom party idea worth considering, then we think we just hit it on the head.
      After Prom Cruise Party Ticket Discounts: Are you looking for cheap ticket deals to buy After Prom Cruise tickets in NYC? Promtime.com has affordable discounts available including promo codes and discount codes that you can apply as you book your tickets online.
    • Rock prom night. Our after-prom parties are NYC's best hard rock venues and nightclubs. The hottest after-prom party venues of new york city are right here. The end of Prom season doesn't have to be the end of fun. Experience NYC's best nightlife events and venues with After Prom Parties NYC 2022. New York City's best After prom parties venues & NightClubs event tickets with discount booking 2022. Hard rock & time square private Prom party tickets and VIP passes are available at discounts only at Promtime.com

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