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Prom night is a very special moment for high school seniors. It is a time to dress your best, dance, and make tons of memories with friends that will last for life. While prom is a very exciting night, the party usually doesn’t end once the last dance is over for most seniors. Mulberry Social is the best after prom venue for students who want to continue to celebrate in a safe environment.

In addition to safety, Mulberry Social which is located in NYC, also provides entertainment and activities for after prom goers to enjoy. This venue is in a prime spot in New York City that will leave you wanting to do after prom again! With the best music and entertainment you simply cannot go wrong. With that amazing club atmosphere this truly is a party that you will never forget.

You will be partying exclusively with people from all over celebrating their same prom! So even if you are dateless for after prom this is also an opportunity to mingle with others in celebration of your big night! Whether you want an exclusive after prom for your school or your own private space. can make it happen. Always be sure to give us a call and we can tailor make the perfect after prom party for you.

End Your Senior Year Off Right!

We are proud to provide the best after prom parties to conclude your senior year! You will make memories that will last a lifetime and most likely take photos with you and your friends in the big city all dressed up! You will be looking back at that perfect after prom party wanting to do it again. You will all be talking about it at the graduation ceremony recapping that amazing after prom night!

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