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Is it Expensive to do an After Prom Party in NYC?

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New York City is known as the city that never sleeps for a reason! It’s filled with bright, flashing, bold lights, bustling crowds, honking taxis, and all at every hour of the night. It’s a wonderful city, especially to host an after-prom party. The question though, is with all that hustling and bustle, noises, and events, is it expensive to do an After Prom Parties NYC?

The price you pay to host an NYC after-prom party heavily depends on what you plan on doing that evening. NYC is filled with an abundance of activities for high schoolers even at night. During prom season, in particular, lots of restaurants and event centers will be open later so that you can enjoy time with your friends at your after-prom party. Consider doing the following things in New York City after prom that are low-cost:

• Have a photoshoot around the city at night
• Get some dinner and split the bill between everyone
• Take a night cruise around the harbor with your friends
• Check out some under-21 clubs (there’s way more than you’d think!)
• See a comedy show
• Find an after-prom party in New York City – NYC during prom season actually hosts bulk after prom parties where you can show up with your school ID and just party with a bunch of people from all over!

It doesn’t’ have to be expensive to do an after-prom party in NYC. However, if you want to experience some more high-class events, it can be easier than you think if you go with a large group of friends! You could see a Broadway show, a concert, SNL live, etc. These events will be more expensive, but you only get one after prom party in New York City so you might as well make it one you’ll never forget!

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